German Shepherd Puppies in Washington State

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We are not a wholesale dealer; our German Shepherds are bred and raised at Chinook Valley Farm.

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Peruvian Spanish Show Sadlle

Complete with Bridle, Bosal, Tailpiece, Stirrups, Blanket, and all the necessary tack to show your horse.

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Cero Dos of Chinook Valley Farm, our Peruvian stallion shown wearning Peruvian Show bridle


Show trail

PeruvianShow Cero Dos

Show trail

Peruvian Spanish Show/ Trail Saddle

Complete with Bridle, Bosal, Tailpiece, Trail and Show Stirrups, and Blanket


Peruvian Trail Saddle
Free Shipping

When You Buy a Puppy From Us, You Get Free Accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

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