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German Shepherd Puppies in Washington State

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Candies Puppies are Here!
newborn dogs Candy with her New Borns
(April 7th) 4 Healthy Males

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Monday thru Sunday 7 days a week, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

The Willapa Hills behind our Farm

Chinook Valley Farm Aerial View

Established in 1975

AKC Breeder of Merit Participant

Chinook Valley Farm Front Entrance

Tina is AKC Licenced to judge your dog for the Farm Dog Certification Title

Chinook Valley Farm Front View

Spend a free a night on the Farm: When you purchase a Dog or puppy from us your over night stay is free, this gives us quality time with you and your new puppy, you can play and explore the farm and field with your new addition.. Below are photos of our farm's the sleep over place.

Premier AKC German Shepherds

We have attended German Shepherd dog shows in throughout the United States, Germany, and Canada. Our AKC German Shepherds are enjoyed in family homes; they have been trained for therapy dogs, search & rescue, and the "DARE" drug program. Tina Woodworth teaches all-breed obedience, trains and titles her dogs, in obedience, herding, and conformation. Under the Echowood Kennel banner, Tina, along with her husband Larry, have titled more than 40 AKC Champions in conformation, obedience, and herding! The best part our German Shepherd Puppies start their young life getting fed our Natural Grass-fed Maine Anjou/Angus Beef!


Our Foundation Sire:
call name "JJ"
 Internationl Ch. Jarkari v Temar, C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., B.D.C.
OFA Excellent • DNA Tested

Dog Jumping

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then himself-- Josh Biilings

Candy has been bred to JJ Puppies due in April 2019



Our Foundation Stud "JJ"
Intel. Champion Jakari V Temar, C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., C.G.C.A.

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Sire: V1 Yakari vom Holtlamper Hof, IPO 3 Dam: V Delta vom Esternstein, SchH 2

JJ Jakari

Pedigree German Shepherd




Carley V Alpine Valley

Dog Waiting

Queen Elsia

Queen Elsie

Happy Dog



Bondi: Pictured at 5.5 mos.

Click Here for Bondi"s Pedigree
Click Here for photos of Bondi Sire: Jakari V Temar
Click Here for photos of Bondi Dam: Candy V Valley

Sire: Intl. Ch. Jakari V Temar CD,BN,ACGC,BR,FDC
Dam: Candy V Alpine Valley

Bondi is in Training for her CGC

Genetic screening has determined that Bondi will not develop DM

Dog With Tongue Out

DOB: August 23, 2018

Onja at 9 years young enjoying her retirement 


Zarabanda MSR and Daughter Angelina

Champion Peruvian mare "Zarabanda MSR" keeping an eye on her daughter "Angelina" of Chinook Valley Farm.

Angus Cows

Chinook Valley Farm's Maine Anjou/Angus cow with her 5-month-old calf.

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We raise German Shepherd dogs.
We offer dog obedience training for all dog breeds.
We raise beef natural beef for meat. We have Peruvian horses for fun.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(360) 520-3880
(360) 777-8888

Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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224 Chinook Valley Rd
Chinook, WA 98614

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PO Box 348 Chinook
Washington 98614

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