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Monday thru Sunday 7 days a week, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

We raise German Shepherd dogs.
We offer dog obedience training for all dog breeds.
We raise beef natural beef for meat. We have Peruvian horses for fun.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(360) 520-3880
(360) 777-8888

Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Testimonials About Our GSD Puppies in Washington State

We are very proud of our dogs and GSD puppies in Washington State, and believe that you won't find better animals anywhere. Many of our past customers have graciously provided testimonials about Echowood German Shepherds. Continue reading to discover why we offer what you need whether you want to buy a German Shepherd puppy or need training for the dog you already own.

Jerry & Laurie B.

"Chinook Valley Farm Dog Training Tina--just wanted to say thank you for helping us with Ruger and Roxy. Both of our dogs are rescue dogs and as you know Ruger was high anxiety, nervous and difficult to handle. On a camping trip, Laurie and I both realized that Ruger's behavior was out of control and not enjoyable. We knew we needed additional help and we are so glad we found you. After our first visit, I saw progress in Ruger's behavior.,

After discussing his issues with you, your recommendation to include Roxy, our other dog, in the training was invaluable. Clearly, our dogs play off of one another and both required training. For that matter, Laurie and I required your training as well--you taught us so much. After several training sessions and lots of daily work, both our dogs now walk properly on a leash, know their sit, down, stay, wait and come commands and are a joy to take for a walk. The big test was a recent camping trip where we were able to relax, enjoy our walks and with other campers without out of control dogs. Your training really made a difference! Tina—your expertise is truly appreciated training our dogs with the help of your dogs has really made a difference in our lives--Thanks so much!"

Jerry & Laurie B.
Northwest Carriage Museum
Raymond, WA


"I want to thank-you for helping me train my little Mini-Australian Shepherd "Scone". when I brought her to you, she was highly sight and sound sensitive. She was so fearful of loud noises, she would run blindly into the street trying to get away from her imagined danger. Anything flapping in the wind, such as flags, kites, or cloths on a line, would send her in a panic running away. I along with Lauren Jacobsen and her dog Cobber, worked with you weekly, helping Scone overcome her mental terror of these imagined monsters. My happiest day came when I took Scone to the Doggy Olympics in Longbeach, WA. Scone won the gold in the musical sit contest, most importantly, she had learned to stay focused on me.

The dogs that placed 2nd and 3rd were also obedience students of yours.

Thank-You Again"

Margaret J.

Scone and Cobber

My Dog Cobber:

"I brought Cobber to you for help he was displaying uncontrollable behavior. He is a male Sheepdog "Sheltie". Cobber was play biting, harassing our older dog, having temper tantrums and not coming back when called. When I tried to discipline him, he would throw himself down onto the ground in wild display of biting and rolling. After one session with you, using the "Woodworth” Method of Dog Obedience Training, I got his attention and he started to focus on what I wanted him to do. I continued working with Cobber along with two other obedience students at your farm. In a short time, all three of us were heeling ours off lead, calling the dogs from a distance of a minimum of 100 feet. Our dog would drop into a down position on the recall. This exercise helped with having the dog's attention wherever we happened to be. Cobber went on to win the Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Longbeach "Doggy Olympics"

He also won the "People's Choice Award" at Cannon Beach, Doggy Daze gathering. Thank you for helping understand the true meaning of having a friend and companion that brings me so much joy and is always welcome to visit other people’s home."

Lauren Jacobsen

Rupert and Boomer

"Tina, thankyou for your help with our two dogs, Rupert our Bull Terrier and Boomer our Aussie. Because both are male and both are assertive and strong breeds we were having problems with them figting, We were afraid that the Bull Terrier would kill the Aussie even though the Aussie was usually the instigator of the fight. With your help we have had no further problems and they get along fine. Rupert has since become blind and the training we had with you helps keep him from harm while on walks and around the house and yard.

As Rubert aged his best friend Boomer never left his side, guiding him where ever they went."

Peggy F.

Dear Tina and Larry,

"I just wanted to let you both know how much we all enjoyed our visit on Saturday. Thank you so much for taking so much time to spend with us. It was a pleasure to meet you Tina and to meet your beautiful German Shepherds. We took Paige and Mark back to the airport today but they wanted to make sure to say a big thank you to both of you as well. They (we all) absolutely loved the dogs and so appreciate all the hard work you have put into them and your breeding program. Either Paige or I will be in touch regarding future breeding's and we will be watching your website for updates. They are at least 6 months to 1 year away from adding a German shepherd to their family but when they are ready, it will definitely be from your kennel.

I really hope we see you again soon and Jerry will be at the show. I realized I have a trip to California that weekend. So disappointed."

Kim and Jerry D.
Paige and Mark M.

Sky is a German Shepard dog in Washington State, who had found a wonderful home.

Dear Tina,

I wanted to thank you, not only for being there for me when I called with questions about Sky but also for chosing her for me in the first place. She is such a wonderful creature. She loves truck rides and her new swimming pool although she doesn't lay down in it unless it's empty. She is such a silly girl and looks so much like JJ except her red areas are a bit more brindle like her mama, Hilda. She follows Craig everywhere and he just loves her so very much. I don't know how you choose this particular pup for us but we couldn't be happier & I think she feels the same.

You can sure tell she is JJ's kid."

Thank you Tina,
Nita Craig & Echowoods Sky of Chinook Valley Farm

Hi, Friends & Family of Merlin,

Merlin will be 9 years old October 20th, and this summer he has proved that you can teach and older dog new tricks. Nearly from the beginning, he showed little interest in the goats on our homestead, though he has always dearly loved the chickens and the ducks, once we added them. He will spend hours outisde the chicken run or the duck run or even in the pasture with the 2nd flock, staring at them through the fence or just resting while they eat and play.

The poultry came up to the the fence to check him out and sometimes noses/beaks/bills tough through the fence. In the pasture, the young ones climb on him and he seems to like it. If any of them get outside the fence, he's been quite good with helping corner them and get them back inside, though sometimes he has forgotten how to do this and shown great frustration with the whole business.

This spring, he began showing an interest in tagging along as the goats were taken from the barn down to the pasture. Long story short - he now herds them every day, twice a day, down to the pasture in the afternoon and back to the barn at night. He's gotten very good at it and wouldn't miss it for the world. And, the pride he's experience in remembering this skill, born into him from his working parents as as the breed itself, is beautiful to watch. Tail high, like a flag, eyes brigh, and a big grin on his face. He still helps with the chickens. Now he has 2 sets of duties and has never been happier. With all this added actual herding, he seems to less obsessed with strangers, more tolerant about 'his space'. And, he has begun to bark when a car or truck starts up the driveway that is not the neighbors' - a watchdog characteristic I had hoped he'd have, but never displayed before. Thank you Tina, Lisa for giving him lots of love as a puppy. Thank you, Tine, for your excellent training (of us); it has borne fruit over the years beyond expectation. Just wanted you all to know!"

With love,
Caren, Christopher & Merlin


"I wanted to thank you for the visit to your kennel. Dave and I really loved your dogs, and we appreciated your willingness to spend time with us. I have mailed the puppt contract and deposit. I will watch your website for updates. One quick question...are all of Hilde's puppies reserved at this ? You probably don't even know how many she is carrying...or maybe you do. We were quite taken with her! :) We are still waiting to find out our schedule so we can plan the best time for us to get a puppt, but we should know in the next 3 weeks."

Thanks again,
Kathy B.

Hello Tina,

"Hope all is well. I posted my short testimonial (below) on your face book. I will send my testimonial for the beach shortly. Delta knows her"come, sit, down, and stay"command very well now. thank you for such a wonderful comapnion. When I picked up my German Shepherd puppy from Chinook Valley Farm on June 5/6 2015, I was very impressed. the litter box was immaculately clean. Tine (the breeder) is very knowledgeable and so easy to deal with. Although she has been breeding German Shepherds since 1978 and has a vast knowledge and insigt on German Shepherds, she is very honest when she is not familiar wirh a certain question and will give you a srraight answer. I believe that her unparalleled knowledge on German Shepherds and sincere honesty are traits that separate her apart from other breeders. I will surely come back to Chinook Valley Farm for another GSD puppy. When we picked-up our GSD puppy. When we picked-up our GSD from Chinook Valley Farm we received a complimentary stay at Cedars Ocean View Inn. The staff was excellent: very courteous and eddicient. The room is so clean and the view from our window of the ocean was magnificent. The manager is very professional and friendly. I would highlt recommend Cedars Ocean View In to anybody who is planning to visit Long beach."

Mel S. E., Oak Harbor, WA

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