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CVF Front View of Farm Echowood German Shepherds at Chinook Valley Farm

United Schutzhund Clubs of America Membership Card

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Dog Obedience Training in Washington State

 Gain the confidence you need to take your dog anywhere, for over 40 years Tina Woodworth has offered all breed dog obedience training in Washington State. We use a proven method of obedience training to teach your pet how to act in all settings.

Do Not Use a harness on your dog, the use of a harnes can encourage aggressive behavior.   Studies have also found the harnes can cause injury to the shoulder and spine, in the Welsh Corgi. 

Little Girl with Dog

Gus son of "JJ" Jakari at 14 weeks, play training with his owner Sharon

Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Obedience Training Options

Auzzie at 6 mos. pic. with her CGC Certficate


Tina Woodworth is AKC certified to evaluate all breeds of dogs for their CGC Certificate*

1st Option: $250.00 Private One On One, with your dog and the dog's humane family.  This sessions last for up to 1 hour, covering unwanted behavior such as  nonesence barking, jumping up on people or other animals, play biting, most acting out displays.  For this session I provide the dog's training collar, my obedience training manual. Three Follow up session will include training withother dogs and their owners, for a total of 4 lessons.2

2nd Option: After the two private sessions $45.00 folr continuing lessons, as the dog prgressess these includes hand signals for the Down, Stand, Sit, Stay.  Dog is taught to hold the down stay with distractions such as our free range chickens, other dogs in training, our horse in nearby corral.

3rd Option: $500.00 After completing private 1 on 1 training. Six Week Canine Good Citizenship "C.G.C." Training.

The ten steps required to aquire the Canine Good Citizenship title.

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger Test 6: Sit and down on command and Staying in place
Test 2: Sitting politely for petting Test 7: Coming when called
Test 3: Appearance and groming Test 8: Reaction to another dog
Test 4: Out for a wlak (walking on a loose lead) Test 9: Reaction to distraction
Test 5: Walking through a crowd Test 10: Supervised seperation

*Please note for a dog to qualify to be a service, therapy or support dog you must have a doctor's note and a minimum of a CGC Certificate. 

Call (or email) Tina for an appointment at (360) 777-8888

JJ Enjoying a Rest

Chinook Valley Farm's JJ enjoying a rest during his training workout.

What Makes a Good Farm Dog?

Woman Holding Puppy in Lap
Jessica Moore held her puppy, Piper, a 4-month-old double-doodle lab, as Heather Suomela navigated her black lab through a gate on a loose lead during a June 24 Farm Dog Certified event at Chinook Valley Farm.

Tina Demonstrating Properly Trained Dog
Tina Woodworth demonstrated how a properly trained farm dog should behave around livestock on a working farm. J.J., Tina's 6-year-old trained German Shepherd, calmly sat as a chicken flew out of her coup. Handlers put their dogs through a real working farm environment at a certification workshop on June 24.

Meet and Greet
Dog Owners in a meet-and-greet with their canine participants at the certification workshop. The farm dog certification program presents handlers and their dogs with specified farm tasks and livestock situations. Dogs are then evaluated on demeanor and performance.

Dog Walking Past Horse
Marin McDonnell directed Mauvi, an Austrailian cattle dog, past Angelina, a Pervuian horse, at Chinook Valley Farm. In order to receive the farm dog certification, dogs must be able to walk by farm animals in a quiet and calm manner.

Man with Trained German Shepherd
Tina Woodworth runs Echowood Kennel's Valley Farm. She is AKC Breeder of Merit, certified judge, and a certified canine good citizen (CGC). Woodworth held a farm dog workshop at her farm on June 24.

Checking Dog's Dental Hygiene
Grooming evaluation is a very important part of the certification process. Tina Woodworth checked J.J.'s teeth to demonstrate proper oral hygiene.

Dog Waiting Patiently by Chickens
Cati Foss of Seaside walked her dog Lyra on a loose lead near livestock in a farm environment. The Shetland sheepdog executed this part of the test flawlessly, as the chickens crossed the road without any stress.

"A good farm dog does not chase the chickens, ducks, livestock, or the resident barn cat," veteran dog trainer and Chinook resident, Tina Woodworth said. Rewarding these trais and others is part of the program launched by the American Kennel Club two years ago, called the Farm Dog Certified (FDC) test.

In an effort to broaden AKC's reach beyond its traditional focus on purebred canines, the nation's premier organization for the dog fanciers is shining a light on the multifaceted working dogs that still play important roles on U.S. ranches and farms.

"A wide variety of dogs live in rural areas, so the FDC test is intended to demonstrate good behavior in these settings," AKC executive field representative for herding, Alison Ruhe said in a blog post. "In addition, we view this new class as an opportunity to benefit our herding clubs by attracting new dog owners to their events, introducing them to the fascinating sport of herding."

The farm dog test is conducted in a real farm environment, with real livestock, Woodworth explained before a June 24 workshop at her Chinook Valley Farm.

There are 12 test items; all of which must be completed successfully to pass.

"The dog must demonstrate self-control, courage, and trust in the handler," Woodworth said. "These all are traits vital to a working farm dog. The farm dog certification test is intended to test a dog's aptitude to work as a farm dog. It isn't meant to be an obedience test, but your dog must have basic leash-walking skills and a solid state to be successful."

The FDC program is open to all dogs — mixed breeds, as well as purebreds. Woodworth, a licensed AKC Farm Dog Certification judge, said her training plan for farm dogs is even open to dogs who have never been around livestock.

"The FDC test provides an opportunity for dogs to apply their basic training in a unique environment. One can think of it as a 'Canine Good Citizen' test on a farm," said Doug Ljungren, AKC's vice president for sports and events. "In addition to promoting responsible dog ownership, the basic manners needed for the FDC test will prepare them for many other AKC activites."

Farm Dog Tests

  • Test 1: Greet the judge — the handler approaches the judge with the dog at his side on a loose lead. The dog must not jump or show aggression or excessive shyness.
  • Test 2: Walk around the farm and a passive stranger — the handler walks the dog on a loose lead at least 200 feet around a variety of objects near a sitting person.
  • Test 3: Jump on a hay bale and sit or lie until released by the judge.
  • Test 4: Walk past farm animals — the dog must be able to walk past farm animals on a loose lead in view of pinned farm animals.
  • Test 5: Walk over or through unusual surfaces — the handler walks the dog over three unusual surfaces, such as plastic tarp, a sheet of plywood, or metal grating lying on the ground.
  • Test 6: Supervised separation — the handler places the dog in a crate and walks out of sight for a minimum of one minute.
  • Test 7: Pass through a gate — the dog stays on the handler's command while the handler opens a gate and passes through, and stays while the handler closes the gate.
  • Test 8: Reaction to another dog — the dog reamins stationary on a loose lead while another dog is walked by twice, about 10 feet away.
  • Test 9: Reaction to noise distraction — the dog is exposed to two common farm sounds, such as hammering nails, leaf blowers or tractor engines, and must not panic.
  • Test 10: Dog approaches livestock — the handler approaches pinned livestock with the dog on a loose lead. The dog may not lunge or be fearful or aggressive to the stock.
  • Test 11: Physical examination — the handler examines the dog for plant material or debris collected while working on the farm, examining the ears, coat, and toes.

Obedience Training Videos

Client Testimonial

Client with Dog and Certificates

Jerry & Laurie B.

"Chinook Valley Farm Dog Training Tina--just wanted to say thank you for helping us with Ruger and Roxy. Both of our dogs are rescue dogs and as you know Ruger was high anxiety, nervous and difficult to handle. On a camping trip, Laurie and I both realized that Ruger's behavior was out of control and not enjoyable. We knew we needed additional help and we are so glad we found you. After our first visit, I saw progress in Ruger's behavior.

After discussing his issues with you, your recommendation to include Roxy, our other dog, in the training was invaluable. Clearly our dogs play off of one another and both required training. For that matter, Laurie and I required your training as well--you taught us so much. After several training sessions and lots of daily work, both our dogs now walk properly on a leash, know their sit, down, stay, wait and come commands and are a joy to take for a walk. The big test was a recent camping trip where we were able to relax, enjoy our walks and with other campers without out of control dogs. Your training really made a difference! Tina—your expertise is truly appreciated training our dogs with the help of your dogs has really made a difference in our lives--Thanks so much!"

Jerry & Laurie B.
Northwest Carriage Museum
Raymond, WA

Tina, I want to thank you for helping me train my little Mini-Australian Shepherd "Scone". when I brought her to you, she was highly sight and sound sensitive. She was so fearful of loud noises, she would run blindly into the street trying to get away from her imagined danger. Anything flapping in the wind, such as flags, kites, or cloths on a line, would send her in a panic running away. I along with Lauren Jacobsen and her dog Cobber, worked with you weekly, helping Scone overcome her mental terror of these imagined monsters. My happiest day came when I took Scone to the Doggy Olympics in Longbeach, WA. Scone won the gold in the musical sit contest, most importantly, she had learned to stay focused on me.

The dogs that placed 2nd and 3rd were also obedience students of yours.

Thank-You Again
Margaret J.

Scone and Cobber

My Dog Cobber

"I brought Cobber to you for help he was displaying uncontrollable behavior. He is a male Sheepdog "Sheltie". Cobber was play biting, harassing our older dog, having temper tantrums and not coming back when called. When I tried to discipline him, he would throw himself down onto the ground in wild display of biting and rolling. After one session with you, using the "Woodworth” Method of Dog Obedience Training, I got his attention and he started to focus on what I wanted him to do. I continued working with Cobber along with two other obedience students at your farm. In a short time, all three of us were heeling ours off the lead, calling the dogs from a distance of a minimum of 100 feet. Our dog would drop into a down position on the recall. This exercise helped with having the dog's attention wherever we happened to be. Cobber went on to win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Longbeach "Doggy Olympics"

He also won the "People's Choice Award" at Cannon Beach, Doggy Daze gathering. Thank you for helping understand the true meaning of having a friend and companion that brings me so much joy and is always welcome to visit other people’s home."

Lauren Jacobsen

Rupert and Boomer

"Tina, thankyou for your help with our two dogs, Rupert our Bull Terrier and Boomer our Aussie. Because both are male and both are assertive and strong breeds we were having problems with them fighting, We were afraid that the Bull Terrier would kill the Aussie even though the Aussie was usually the instigator of the fight. With your help, we have had no further problems and they get along fine. Rupert has since become blind and the training we had with you helps keep him from harm while on walks and around the house and yard.

As Rubert aged, his best friend Boomer never left his side, guiding him where ever they went."

Peggy F.

When you buy a puppy from us, you get free accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

A German Shepherd would make a great addition to any household. Popular among dog owners in the U.S., these dogs are ideal companion pets as they possess many admirable qualities and skills. These include their adaptability to various lifestyles and living conditions, as well as their bravery, loyalty, and excellent guarding instincts. 

When looking for a German Shepherd for sale in Chinook, WA, look no further than Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm. With bloodlines directly from Europe, our dams and sires are imported working-line German Shepherds bred for therapy, search and rescue, and “DARE” programs.

Your dog can also receive a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate once it completes the all-breeds CGC obedience training. Read on to learn more about the German Shepherd breed, and contact us with any questions

About the German Shepherd

As their name implies, the German Shepherd dog is a large-sized breed that originated in Germany. They are currently the second most popular breed of dog in the United States, after the Labrador Retriever. This breed has a wolf-like appearance with a long snout and pointed ears because they are direct descendants of wolfdogs.


The German Shepherd is a herding breed renowned for its bravery, loyalty, and guarding instincts. It is a top choice for search and rescue work, police work, military service, and as a guard dog. They can also be beloved pets for many energetic or athletic families.

Care and Training

Taking care of a German Shepherd is a big responsibility. They are active and smart dogs, so they must be kept busy learning, playing, exercising, and working. German Shepherd dogs should start with early socialization and obedience training to prevent over-guarding and violent behavior. Because of their intelligence and enthusiasm for work, they can easily be trained and quickly follow directions.

For those who want their dogs to receive a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate from the American Kennel Club, we encourage you to have them participate in an all-breeds CGC obedience training program. It teaches your dog good manners and trains them to be well-behaved in various situations.

Rely on Us for All-Breeds CGC Obedience Training

At Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm, we are fully certified by the AKC to offer an all-breeds CGC obedience training program in Chinook, WA, and the rest of Washington State. Farm owner and experienced dog trainer Tina Woodworth has been conducting this program for over 40 years, using proven obedience training methods to teach your pet how to act in all settings. She has trained and titled various dog breeds in obedience, herding, and conformation. 

Tina teaches dogs how to respond correctly and interact with their environment using positive reinforcement and reward systems. Get the self-assurance you need to take your dogs anywhere by signing them up for the all-breeds CGC obedience training program today. The AKC has qualified Tina to assess all dog breeds for the CGC Certificate. Contact us today to learn more about the program and schedule an obedience training session for your pets.

Buy a German Shepherd

At Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm, we offer German Shepherds for sale. Before getting a new dog, be prepared to invest a lot of your time in caring for them. Although it’s a huge responsibility, it’s a rewarding experience because of their companionship and love. Contact us today to adopt a German Shepherd and to learn more about the breed. We are excited for you to own a new dog.

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