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Pedigree Dogs in Chinook, WA

Feel confident about your dog's background by turning to Echowood German Shepherds for quality pedigree dogs in Chinook, WA. Our foundation stud has an impeccable lineage that he has passed on to the puppies he sired. You won't find a better selection, whether you’re looking for a farm dog, police dog, guard dog, or simply a family dog.


Echowoods International Champion Atari of Chinook Valley Farm, CGC, UCGC, FDC

Son of JJ Jakari

Atari pictured winning Winners Dog, and Best of Winners, at Alaska Kennel Club

under Judge: Mrs.Valerie Gervais, Handler: Davianna

Atari - Adult German Shepherd in Chinook, WA

Sire: Intl Ch. Jakari, CD, BN, ACGC, BR, FDC
Dam: Onja V, SChH 1

Atari's Hips OFA Good, Elbows Good

Atari - Our Farm Dog from Chinook, WA

Atari has found his new home in Anchorage, Alaska

Keeping an eye out for Black Bear and Moose 

When You Buy a Puppy From Us, You Get Free Accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

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