CVF Front View of Farm Echowood German Shepherds at Chinook Valley Farm

German Shepherd Puppies in Washington State

Signers of the German Shepherd Dog of America "Breeder's Code of Ethics"

We are not a whole sale dealer our German Shepherd are
breed and raised at Chinook Valley Farm.

Phone: (360) 777-8888  |  Cell: (360) 520-3880 Phone:
(360) 777-8888
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(360) 520-3880 |  (360) 777-8888

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Sunday 7 days a week, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Puppies Collage


Queen Elsa's Puppies are here!    6 Puppies Sired by Atari 

4 Girls &  2 Boys

   Click here to display Elsa's DM Certificate

Click here to display Elsa German A stamp hip & elbow pedigree

Elsa's Puppies at 3.5 weeks

One Male and two females are available in Queen Elsa's litter

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Puppy Love

Deposits are now being accepted for Carley & Queen Elsa Puppies

Carley's Puppies are here! 

Carley 6 Puppies Sired by JJ Jakari
3 Girls & 
3 Boys

Carley is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) Clear-Clear DNA-DDC screening has determined

Click here to dislay Carley's certified hip & elbow A stamp Pedigree

Carley's Puppies at 3.5 weeks

One famale is available in Carley's litter

Candy's Puppies Have Been Sold!

Candy & JJ's puppies at 5 weeks

Candy with her New Borns 
(April 7th) 4 Healthy Males

newborn dogs

Candy & JJ'S 
Male Pup at 6 Weeks

candy x JJ male 6 wk

Candy & JJ'S 
puppies at 5 weeks

Phone: (360) 777-8888  |  Cell: (360) 520-3880 Phone:
(360) 777-8888
Email :

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Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a visual tour of our puppies and where they are loved. It is wise to see the environment a puppy is raised in.
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Puppies Contract

Puppy Contract
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  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Our Puppies are Microchipped, we are the alternate contact in case the puppy is lost
  • Visual tour our site see where our puppies are raised.
  • With radio programing our puppies are given, unusual animal calls, Classical, R & B music and theater of the mind. This helps prepare our pups for the real world.

Premier AKC German Shepherds

Puppies going home kit includes vet health cert., puppy training harness with leash, fuzzy toy with mommy's scent on it! Vaccine & worming schedule, AKC reg. Papers, full pedigree, DNA tested and OFA certified parents .We offer free dog training in the first year.

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more then himself-- Josh Biilings

 We are proud to share with you the environment our puppies are raised in and cared for. We are sharing our puppy videos with you so you can take visual tour.

Chinook Valley Farm

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When You Buy a Puppy From Us, You Get Free Accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

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