German Shepherd Puppies in Washington State

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We are not a whole-sale dealer; our German Shepherds are bred and raised at Chinook Valley Farm.

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German Shepherd puppies Chinook, WA

Our Foundation Sire: Call name "JJ"
Internationl Ch. Jarkari, C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., B.D.C.
OFA Excellent • DNA Tested

Dog Jumping

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself
-- Josh Biilings

Introducing Our Newest Stud Dog

Our Sires

Our Foundation Stud "JJ"
Intel. Champion Jakari   C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., C.G.C.A.


Sire: Xin V Bullinger  IPO 3 
Dam: Mika Vom Holtkamper See, IPO 1

Logan's DNA, DM Cert.

Logan's Pedigree Database Page

Logan Does NOT Carry the Long Coat Gene

Click here to view  Logan's long coat DNA Certificate

Queen Elsa has been Bred to Logan


JJ's OFA Hip & Elbow Cert.

JJ's DNA, DM Cert.

JJ's Temperament Test

JJ's OFA Health Cert.

JJ's Pedigree Database Page

JJ Jakari

Chinook Farm JJ
Sire: V1 Yakari vom Holtlamper Hof, IPO 3
Dam: V Delta vom Esternstein, SchH 2
Tillie is in Estrus and will be Bred to "JJ"

Our Dams



Candy's German A Stamp Hip & Elbow Pedigree

Candy is DM Clear-Clear as her lineage is also Clear-Clear.


Carley V Alpine Valley

Dog Waiting

Carley's German A Stamp Hip & Elbow Pedigree

Carley is Clear-Clear for Degenerative Myelopathy DNA-DDC; screening has determined.

Queen Elsa

Queen Elsia

Happy Dog

Queen Elsa's DM Certificate

Queen Elsa's German A Stamp Hip & Elbow Certificate



When You Buy a Puppy From Us, You Get Free Accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

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