CVF Front View of Farm Echowood German Shepherds at Chinook Valley Farm
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CVF Front View of Farm Echowood German Shepherds at Chinook Valley Farm

United Schutzhund Clubs of America Membership Card

Phone: (360) 777-8888

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German Shepherd puppies Chinook, WA

Our Foundation Sire: Call name "JJ"
International Ch. Jarkari, C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., B.D.C.
OFA Excellent • DNA Tested

Dog Jumping

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself
-- Josh Billings

Our Sires

Intl. Ch. Bos' Ca-Ji's Reyko Vom Frankengold, CGC, AKC C.C.,AKC Urban CGC

Our Foundation Stud "JJ"
Intel. Champion Jakari C.D., B.N., R.N., C.G.C., C.G.C.A.



                      CGC, AKC Urban CGC, AKC Community Canine


Sire: Cimbo Z sosnowego Zakatka Dam: Bruna Gven Blaid

Reyko's DM ceRt

Reyko's OFA Hip and Elbow cert

Reyko with his best friend Katlin, she's 9 years young, pictured winning Best Jr. Handler in Show.


Sire: Xin V Bullinger IPO 3

Dam: Mika Vom Holtkamper See, IPO 1

Logan's German a stamp pedigree

Logan's DNA, DM Cert.

Logan's Pedigree Database Page

Logan Does NOT Carry the Long Coat Gene
Logan's long coat DNA Cert


Our Dams



Echowoods Valkyrie of Chinook Valley Farm 

AKC Urban Canine, CGC, AKC Community Canine

Ebony at 18 Months

Sire: Logan V Alpine Valley, CGC Dam: Queen Elsa V Alpine Valley 

Valkyrie is DM clear because, her sire Logan and dam Elsa are DM clear . German A stamp certified pedigree, her hips and elbows are A stamp good!  Valkyrie's A Stamp & Certified Pedigree


DOB: April 18th, 2020 


Sire: Charger Vom Acelin Dam: V1 Intl. Ch. Anjavom Pendler

Ebony is Carrier/ Clear

Ebony's A Stamp & Certified Pedigree

Click Here for Ebony's AKC Cert

Ebony winning Best of Breed at her first AKC Dog Show


Sire: Intl. Ch. Netzer Vom Acelin
Dam: IPO 1 Ana Texa

Layla's DM certificate

Layla's German A stamp Hips & Elbows certificate

When you buy a puppy from us, you get free accommodations at Chinook Valley Farm!

A German Shepherd would make a great addition to any household. Popular among dog owners in the U.S., these dogs are ideal companion pets as they possess many admirable qualities and skills. These include their adaptability to various lifestyles and living conditions, as well as their bravery, loyalty, and excellent guarding instincts. 

When looking for a German Shepherd for sale in Chinook, WA, look no further than Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm. With bloodlines directly from Europe, our dams and sires are imported working-line German Shepherds bred for therapy, search and rescue, and “DARE” programs.

Your dog can also receive a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate once it completes the all-breeds CGC obedience training. Read on to learn more about the German Shepherd breed, and contact us with any questions

About the German Shepherd

As their name implies, the German Shepherd dog is a large-sized breed that originated in Germany. They are currently the second most popular breed of dog in the United States, after the Labrador Retriever. This breed has a wolf-like appearance with a long snout and pointed ears because they are direct descendants of wolfdogs.


The German Shepherd is a herding breed renowned for its bravery, loyalty, and guarding instincts. It is a top choice for search and rescue work, police work, military service, and as a guard dog. They can also be beloved pets for many energetic or athletic families.

Care and Training

Taking care of a German Shepherd is a big responsibility. They are active and smart dogs, so they must be kept busy learning, playing, exercising, and working. German Shepherd dogs should start with early socialization and obedience training to prevent over-guarding and violent behavior. Because of their intelligence and enthusiasm for work, they can easily be trained and quickly follow directions.

For those who want their dogs to receive a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate from the American Kennel Club, we encourage you to have them participate in an all-breeds CGC obedience training program. It teaches your dog good manners and trains them to be well-behaved in various situations.

Rely on Us for All-Breeds CGC Obedience Training

At Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm, we are fully certified by the AKC to offer an all-breeds CGC obedience training program in Chinook, WA, and the rest of Washington State. Farm owner and experienced dog trainer Tina Woodworth has been conducting this program for over 40 years, using proven obedience training methods to teach your pet how to act in all settings. She has trained and titled various dog breeds in obedience, herding, and conformation. 

Tina teaches dogs how to respond correctly and interact with their environment using positive reinforcement and reward systems. Get the self-assurance you need to take your dogs anywhere by signing them up for the all-breeds CGC obedience training program today. The AKC has qualified Tina to assess all dog breeds for the CGC Certificate. Contact us today to learn more about the program and schedule an obedience training session for your pets.

Buy a German Shepherd

At Echowood Kennel at Chinook Valley Farm, we offer German Shepherds for sale. Before getting a new dog, be prepared to invest a lot of your time in caring for them. Although it’s a huge responsibility, it’s a rewarding experience because of their companionship and love. Contact us today to adopt a German Shepherd and to learn more about the breed. We are excited for you to own a new dog.

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